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Our entire health care team is committed to providing personalized service which recognizes the special needs of each of your pets and the unique concerns of our pet owner. Our staff is especially skilled in the gentle handling of your pets, which minimizes stress and best promotes healing and recovery.


  • Dentistry has often been overlooked as the very important element  of proper veterinary care that it really is.  Animals now live longer due to improved nutrition, better preventative care, and advances in diagnosis and treatment of disease.  Good oral health care will further extent the length and improve  the quality of their lives. 
  • Dental care is an essential element of health care; lack of proper dental care often leads to unrecognized pain.  Approximately 85% of dogs and 75% of cats over the age of 3 have some form of periodontal disease.
  • The presence of dental disease and its severity varies with each individual animal and starts with the accumulation of plaque (the soft malodorous coating in teeth consisting of food and bacteria) and tartar/calculus (harden plaque).
  • As tartar and plaque accumulate the gingiva (edge of gums bordering the teeth) becomes inflamed, infected, and recedes with loosening of the connective tissue attaching the gums to the teeth/periodontal pocketing).
  • These pockets trap more food and bacteria with the infection steadily moving up the tooth roots with the eventual loss of teeth.
  • Dental infection further harms the animal by being a source of bacteria moving through the blood and can lead to intermittent fevers, kidney disease, and valvular disease of the heart and general debilitation.


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