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Oxford Veterinary Hospital - Oxford, PA - Think 12

Oxford Veterinary Hospita-Oxford,PA-Think12 Savings 

Administer once a month preventative medication YEAR ROUND for 12 months of protection.

When you purchase a one year supply of heartworm or flea/tick prevention

you will receive $12 off instantly plus any available rebates.

Visit our Heartworm/Intestinal Parasite Control webpage for further information.

Or Visit our Flea/Tick Preventative Page for further information.


Feline Heartworm Disease ,  Canine Heartworn disease

Ectoparasites, Vector-borne Disease, and Internal parasites.

can be a risk to your family.

American Heartworm SocietyCompanion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) both recommend YEAR ROUND prevention

for heartworm, fleas, ticks,  and intestinal parasites.


Parasites are a threat to our furry friends and our families all year round. 

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