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Oxford Veterinary Hospital - Oxford, PA - Heartworm and Parasite Prevention

Protecting Your Pet...Our Patient.

All pets need  heartworm preventative medication 12 months a year.  Watch videos below.

  OVH Best Product Recommendation for dogs.

Trifexis & Sentinel, like Interceptor, contains milbemycin to protect your pet from heartworm disease, hookworms, roundworms, AND whipworms.  Trifexis also controls fleas effectively.   Use with SimparicaBravecto, or Vectra 3D  for tick control. 

OVH Best Product Recommendation for cats.

 Revolution used monthly to protect your kitty from intestinal parasites, fleas, heartworm disease and ear mites.

Use with a Seresto Collar for added tick protection (lasts 8 months), especially on indoor/outdoor and outdoor cats.

 Oxford Veterinary Hospital's specific recommendations of  products currently available is based on our experience with their safety, effectiveness, and the risk factors in our geographic area. Effective parasite control requires regular and consistent administration of these preventative products 12 months a year. 

American Heartworm Society Video on Feline Heartworm Disease: video courtesy of Pfizer                                                                                          


                       American Heartworm Society Video on Canine Heartworm Disease:   Video courtesy of Merial  


Parasite Control is a basic foundation of the care essential to properly caring for your pets, as well as protecting your family.

Your dog needs to be tested yearly with the 4DX test for heartworm, anaplasma, lyme disease, and erlichia.  

All pets need a yearly fecal examination.  Bring a very small sample of each your pets' stool during their yearly health maintenance examination.

Learn  about the importance of protecting your pets and your family from the

Companion Animal Control Council.

Companion Animal Control Council

 Don't miss a dose again by using this Remind My Pet application

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Have questions? Was your pet sensitive to some product used in the past? Still not sure which product to use for your pet? Please call us at 610-932-8757.