Puppy Socialization Classes

Oxford Veterinary Hospital

2227 Baltimore Pike
Oxford, PA 19363



Free Puppy Socialization Classes

With Jamie Shellington of Speaking Dog Training Company
at Oxford Veterinary Hospital 

Speaking Dog Training Company

Saturdays at 1:30pm 

No sessions on the first Saturday of every month 

Discussion Topics Calendar

April 8th: Housetraining 

April 22nd: Mouthing and Biting

April 29th: Fear Periods

May 6th: How to Play Tug

May 13th: Mental Stimulation 

May 20th: Resource Guarding Prevention 

This service is free to our newest puppy patients (up to 5 months old) who are up to date on all recommended vaccinations, deworming schedule, and on flea preventative. 

We want to see your puppy get off to a good start. 

Call us to register your puppy 610-932-8757.